Raf Malenfant (Broil Audio/ Studio Broil) is an independant music producer and mixer based in Quebec City, Canada. Since 2011, he has been known for his fuzzy tone-shaping and gritty mixes.

Clarity never to be compromised, combining an analog way of thinking that involves digital technologies through an hybrid studio path, Broil Audio takes your project to the next level.

Raf's musical approach and creativity in album productions and live shows have made him a true artistic element for many rock/ pop/ folk/ trad/ metal/ punk bands and artists.

His unique approach to producing songs with his heart, mind and ears, makes Broil Audio an ideal option for musicians seeking to achieve more than just a popular production.

Broil Audio has grown to become a standard for artists such as:


[…]the mixing done so that each track sounds clear and precise without sacrificing the bombastic force propelled by the band.

24ourmusic magazine

24ourmusic magazine

Sandveiss/ Scream Queen Album

[…]mixé impéccablement!



Machinegun Suzie/ Black Paper Horse
Quebec City, QC Canada